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Miami-Date County Public Schools
Assessing a District's compliance with OPPAGA standards

Berkshire Advisors, Inc. conducted a comprehensive study of the Miami-Dade County Public School District utilizing Florida's OPPAGA Best Practice Standards established by the state to monitor both the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of its public school districts. This review evaluated the District's performance in meeting benchmarks established in thirteen operational areas, including management structure, performance accountability, educational service delivery, human resources, food services, safety and security, maintenance, construction, facilities construction, use of lottery proceeds, cost controls, and transportation. An analysis of opportunities for cost-savings in each of these areas was performed as part of this study.

In addition to individual interviews and in-depth analysis of District's policies, procedures, audits, data documentation and other relevant materials, this study included visits to schools and District operation sites and public forums that were conducted in locations throughout the county.