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We provide the support managers need to take a good idea and make it a reality within their organization

Innovative ideas by themselves are or little value to organizations. By contrast, innovative ideas that have been successfully implemented are extremely valuable and, in some cases, may be transformative.

One of the primary reasons innovative ideas are not implemented – even when managers recognize their potential value – is that managers lack the time to support the implementation process. Significant groundwork is required to implement new management approaches and ideas but local government managers who focus the preponderance of their time on day-to-day management – making sure trains keep running on time, if you will – simply don’t have the time to support change initiatives. Their “spirit is willing” but their time is limited.

Berkshire Advisors consultants are available to provide the support needed to execute innovative management ideas. We work with managers to develop a plan for implementing a new idea, determine what steps in the plan can or should be performed by internal staff, and provide the skills, expertise and capacity needed to provide any assistance needed to support implementation. Depending on client needs the types of support provided may vary considerably. The ultimate objective of the assistance is the same regardless of the role we play – helping managers successfully implement new management approaches within their organizations.

General Government

Best Practice Implementation

Provides assistance in using best practices to improve performance.

General Government

Task System Implementation

For task driven functions – such as refuse collection and custodial services – productivity can be substantially increased by allowing employees to go home after completing a set number of tasks to an acceptable level of quality. We provide assistance in establishing and implementing such systems.

General Government

Paraprofessional Staffing Implementation

Identifies areas where employing paraprofessionals has the potential to be cost-effective and provides assistance in developing and implementing a viable paraprofessional program.

General Government

Risk Adjusted Inspection Frequency Implementation

Provides assistance in developing approaches to adjust the frequency with which inspections are preformed to reflect risk (and to update inspection frequencies on an ongoing basis).

General Government

Organizational Transformation And Change

Presents a framework for structuring organizational transformation and change efforts and provides assistance in using this framework to support change initiatives.