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General Management Studies
Berkshire Advisors works with local governments to improve their performance by ensuring department personnel use their time as effectively as possible while also ensuring they meet the expectations of the citizens they serve.

Berkshire's General Management Studies address three key areas:

  • Strategy—focusing capacity where it will have the greatest impact on addressing the needs of citizens
  • Operations—maximizing the effectiveness with which resources are used
  • Management—ensuring the implementation of strategies and operational plans

Each area is reviewed within the context of a conceptual framework that articulates how each of the individual analyses performed fit together to create a package of recommendations for improving a department's performance.

This approach applies across all departments of local governments including police, fire, library, public works, finance, parks and recreation, transportation, and fleet management. Our approach also considers the unique features and challenges faced by each individual department.  Our consultants understand both the intricacies and general operational issues associated with all aspects of local government services and how these impact strategy, operations, and management.

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