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Berkshire Advisors works with government managers to develop the management systems and processes needed to institutionalize effective management practices

Management systems and processes play three important roles in an organization’s efforts to institutionalize effective management practices. First, management systems and processes can facilitate implementation by removing barriers to change that would otherwise hinder implementation. Second, management systems can ensure that the information needed to support sound decision making is readily available. Finally, management systems and processes can impose a discipline on operations that support the implementation of effective practices.


Managing Crime Reduction Initiatives

Uses research on what works best in reducing crime to structure management systems and processes to support crime reduction initiatives.

General Government

Managing Community Policing Initiatives

Uses research on what community policing approaches work best to structure management systems and processes to support community policing initiatives.


Managing Community Partnerships

Ensures that management systems and processes support the development of community partnerships and facilitate efforts to maintain these parterships over time.

Operational Planning

Considers the role operational planning can play in ensuring consistency throughout a police department, facilitating manager efforts to tailor services to address community needs, and supporting the use of information to drive decision making.


Information Driven Patrol Management

Uses historical information on workload to provide patrol managers and supervisors with the tools they need to strengthen the management of patrol operations.

General Government

Strategic Overtime Management

Provides tools for tracking overtime usage by purpose and for determining how overtime can be used to strategically reduce costs.

General Government

Quality Improvement Checklists

Provides assistance in developing and using quality improvement checklists as tools for reducing errors and improving local government performance.

General Government

Employee Surveys

Provides assistance in using employee surveys as tools for supporting local government improvement efforts.

General Government

Workforce Development And Management

Establishes the management systems and processes needed to support the development and maintenance of an effective work force.

General Government

Performance Measurement And Management

Considers the role performance measures play in supporting ongoing efforts to improve performance and establishes the systems and processes needed to support performance management.

General Government

Collaboration Among Units

Considers how both informal networks, formal policies and practices, and technology can be used to foster needed collaboration among units.