• The cost of joining the network is a small fraction of the $150,000 cost of developing the best practices archive.
  • The value of the network will increase over time as participants share information on best practices in their jurisdictions and additional best practice reviews are performed.
  • Joining the network will pay for itself many times over if only one of the best practices described in the archive is implemented.

Both individuals and governments can join the network.


$100 Annual Fee


$375 Annual Fee

$20 for each user provided access to best practices archive and wiki-best practices


Free Subscription

Guest users have access to three best practices

Please note that individual subscribers will have access to the Berkshire Advisors Best Practices Archive (including summaries of Wiki-Best Practices) but will not be authorized to draft Wiki-Best Practices.

The individual membership fee may be waived for students. Please use the contact form to apply for a waiver.