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Maximize the return on your consulting investment by conducting organizational diagnostic reviews that identify improvement opportunities quickly and inexpensively

Organizational diagnostic reviews are cost effective because they focus client resources on activities where consultants provide the highest value – diagnosing an organization’s strengths and shortcomings and identifying potential improvement opportunities. Not unlike a medical check-up where after an initial diagnosis has been made additional tests must be done to confirm the diagnosis and determine an appropriate treatment plan, after an organizational diagnosis has been completed a great deal of effort must be devoted to confirming the diagnosis, developing recommendations, and preparing reports to communicate study findings. Unlike the medical context, however, where a patient ignores their doctor’s diagnosis at their own peril, for organizational reviews managers have discretion with regard to which improvement opportunities to pursue. Indeed, the effort devoted to confirming diagnoses, developing recommendations, and communicating findings is wasted if, for whatever reasons, managers choose not to pursue a particular improvement opportunity.

Organizational diagnostics – whether conducted as self assessments or as part of a quick strike review by experienced consultants – focus client resources on identifying potential improvement opportunities. The client can then use this information to decide in what areas investing additional resources on confirming the diagnosis, developing improvement recommendations, and communicating findings and recommendations is warranted.

General Government

Quick Strike Assessments

Leverages experienced consultants to identify improvement opportunities quickly when time or budgets are limited.

General Government

Self Assessment Checklists

Checklists developed by reviewing scores of consulting reports completed by a range of consultants can be used to conduct organizational self assessments.