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Situational assessments provide an understanding of the current situation for a variety of important issues – ranging from structuring compensation plans, to improving the performance of first-line supervisors, to calculating the resources a police department has to support proactive initiatives. Situational assessment results provide managers with the information they need to make better decisions or to structure improvement programs tailored to organizational needs.

General Government

Pivotal Job Analysis

Identifies ways to improve the performance of the most pivotal jobs in an organization (e.g., first line supervisors and unit managers) by focusing on two factors – incumbent capabilities and how they use their time.

General Government

Recruitment And Retention Evaluations

Identifies, ranks, and compares the factors that contribute to employee decisions to join an organization and to continue working for that organization.

Fire And EMS

Emergency Response Availability Assessments

Uses queuing and travel time analysis to determine the type of apparatus and number of staff likely available for emergency response within a jurisdiction.

General Government

Management And Supervisory Attention Assessment

Assesses the extent to which managers and supervisors are able to focus their attention on critical matters and considers what factors may contribute to their functioning as if they had an attention deficit disorder.

General Government

Paperwork Optimization Analysis

Gathers information on the time currently devoted to completing paperwork, assesses the value created by this work, and determines whether activities could be re-engineered to reduce the time devoted to low-value paperwork related activities.

General Government

Employee Skills And Competencies Assessment

Identifies the employee skills and competencies needed to meet department objectives and uses a 360 degree assessment tool to identify skill and competency gaps.

General Government

Service Level Optimization Analysis

Conjoint analysis and operational assessment results are used to optimize service offerings.

General Government

Citizen Demand And Satisfaction Analysis

Uses the results of community surveys to understand the relative priority citizens place on various services and to identify where department improvement efforts will create the most value for citizens.

General Government

Touchpoint Assessments

Identifies the key touchpoints where citizens interact with the local government and assesses the quality of these interactions.

Police Department

Police Resource Allocation

Calculates the level of resources currently available in a police department to support proactive initiatives.