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Proven solutions to challenges most local governments face are delivered at a fraction of the cost of a traditional management study

While all of our local government clients are unique, many of the challenges they face are not. Berkshire Advisors Solutions offer structured approaches to addressing a range of issues most local governments face. The cost of providing this assistance is significantly lower than the cost of providing the same analysis as part of a traditional management consulting assignment because consulting processes and the use of analytic tools have been re-engineered. By streamlining the consulting process clients receive the same high quality solutions to their problems, but at a substantially lower price than a traditional management study.


Patrol Response Alternatives Analysis

Uses community surveys and sophisticated analytic tools to evaluate patrol response alternatives and to develop response approaches tailored to the needs of a police department and the community it serves.

E911 And Dispatch

Staffing And Scheduling Analysis

Employs operational research techniques to systematically determine the number of communications staff needed to achieve a given service expectation.

General Government

User Fee Review

Systematically evaluates the functions and services provided by local governments for which the funding of services through user fees should be considered.

General Government

Working With Other Communities To Provide Services

Assesses the extent to which services are provided to and/or received from other communities, considers the most cost-effective way to provide these services, and determines how costs should be shared.

General Government

Targeted Organizational Analyses

Uses tested evaluation frameworks to address selected organizational issues relating to specialization and centralization/decentralization.

Police And Fire


Systematically evaluates whether positions should be assigned to civilians, sworn staff, or whether a mix of sworn and civilian staff should be used to perform a given function.

General Government

Collaborative Competition And Outsourcing

Systematically evaluates the role public and private organizations should play in providing local government services and identifies specific services where outsourcing has the potential to be beneficial.

Recreation Department

Recreation Program Offerings And Deployment Assessment

Systematically assesses and prioritizes recreation program offerings and evaluates where recreation programs should be offered.

Fire Suppression

Flying Squad Deployment Analysis

Assesses the extent to which the deployment of two person flying squads has the potential to cost-effectively support fire suppression needs.