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Indiana Family And Social Services Administration

Assuring patients and consumers of state operated psychiatric hospitals and centers for the developmentally disabled receive needed treatment cost-effectively

Berkshire Advisors completed a management and staffing review of state operated psychiatric facilities and centers for the developmentally disabled for the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration. The primary focus of this engagement was to ensure the patients and consumers served by the state's psychiatric facilities and developmental centers receive needed treatment cost-effectively. In addition to assessing staffing and management needs, the consultants developed a comprehensive functional assessment tool that can be used to assess the training needs of developmentally disabled individuals and provides the Title 19 required functional assessment of these individuals. In a subsequent study the consultants developed an active treatment model and completed active treatment training for staff at one of the state's developmental centers. The development of this model and the subsequent training were instrumental in having a portion of the developmental center recertified by HCFA. Berkshire Advisors consultants also conducted a review of state policies relating to developmentally disabled individuals.