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Delaware Department of Services To Children, Youth, And Their Families

Identifying major management improvement opportunities via a reconnaissance level study

For the Delaware Department of Services to Children, Youth, and their Families (DSCYF), Berkshire Advisors consultants conducted a reconnaissance level management study to identify major opportunities for improvement in the department's management and to develop a plan of action to take advantage of the opportunities identified.

The Department's main objective is to ensure the welfare and protection of its clients—the children and youth of the State of Delaware. The Department strives to accomplish this by operating a variety of programs and facilities, including prevention and adoption programs, counseling and day treatment centers, foster homes, psychiatric hospitals, and group homes. Unfortunately, the competition for program funding dollars, the diversity, complexity and magnitude of the nature and needs of the state's population, and the internal fixation on avoiding blame for misplacement or misdiagnosis had led to a rigid, only by-the-book internal structure; severe fragmentation between divisions; and inadequate use of the Department's employees (social workers, counselors, teachers, etc.) and their skills. Berkshire Advisors consultants developed a series of recommendations to address these issues.